Ashton Kutcher Writes 5-Second Tweet, Gets 365 Hours of Time from Followers

You might call him the first real Twitter celebrity. Ashton Kutcher is the king of micro-blogging, even though his position as most-followed was usurped by Lady Gaga a while back. His 6 million+ followers still hang on his every word – and a new blog post show just how willing they are to act on what Kutcher says.

TheNextWeb found this blog post from Grumo Media that extols the virtues of Kutcher’s tweets.

Grumo Media created a video for on January 8th, and by the 9th it had been viewed by 13,000 Ashton Kutcher fans.

Here’s what Kutcher tweeted to bring so much attention to the video:

The author of the post explaining the “Ashton effect” was completely blown away by the influence that Kutcher had:

“Think about this, Ashton spent about 5 seconds writing the PadMapper tweet and that effortless act sent 13,000 people to go watch a 1:41min video. This means that my video was watched for a total of 365 hours. In other words, with 5 seconds of effort Ashton was able to consume 365 hours of his followers time.

Now, that is leverage. To be exact that is about 1 to 250,000 leverage!”

The power of celebrity on Twitter is one of the most sought-after currencies out there. Many people, with pre-existing celebrity or not, join Twitter in order to get a following and influence their followers. Kutcher is a prime example of just how successful you can get if you have the resources and the time to dedicate to Twitter. Although he might have advantages over the average joe, Kutcher is definitely a Twitter success story.