Ashton Kutcher, Social Media Guru

He’s better known as an actor, cougar magnet and the Twitterverse’s top draw, but Ashton Kutcher actually has some street cred as a social media entrepreneur.

Kutcher is co-founder of a content production house that has among its clients some major corporations targeting consumers. He spoke yesterday at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s IAB MIXX conference in New York, telling advertisers that they can use social media to reach their target audience.

Steve Donohue at Contentinople (great site name!) reports:

“It’s a continuous focus group,” Kutcher said while reviewing social media campaigns that his firm, Katalyst Media, has developed for advertisers such as Kellog’s, Nestle Hot Pockets, and Mountain Dew. “Instead of delivering a commercial and getting feedback on it afterward, you deliver an ad message or a piece of messaging from your company, and your audience immediately tells you, ‘We like that,’ [or not],” Kutcher said. …

The recurring theme that Kutcher emphasized: There is a way to monetize social media. “People are spending more and more time within the social Web on Facebook and Twitter… it’s like the unknown frontier. How do we do advertising within it?”

OK, it’s not the deepest message in the world, but there are a lot of social media “experts” out on the circuit being paid to tell people that “Twitter is a great way to build a relationship with your customers,” so we should cut Kutcher some slack.

Plus, let’s face it, 3.66 million (and counting) Twitter followers can’t be wrong. Exceedingly starstruck, maybe, but not wrong.

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