Ashton Kutcher Premiers New Series on Facebook

-Slide Logo-Application publisher Slide is teaming up with Katalyst Media, the original content production company co-founded by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg. The partnership will involve exclusive distribution of the production company’s new series through Slide FunSpace, called KatalystHQ. This show offers a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of Kutcher’s production company. What’s most notable about this new deal is its exclusive partnership between Katalyst Media and Slide FunSpace, which is among the top five Facebook applications (see stats here).

That also makes KatalystHQ the firs sponsored web series to premier on Facebook (watch it here). While there doesn’t appear to be any direct partnerships with Facebook for this deal, it is interesting to see how third party applications within asocial network can build a brand and a business around their products.

Additionally interesting is Katalyst’s use of a Facebook app for its primary means of distribution for the new series. Katalyst Media has already worked with other social networks like MySpace for certain content creation projects, including the recent celebrity pledges that aired during inauguration week last month. Is this a larger indicator of changing attitudes towards the MySpace audience? Just last month we saw AT&T turn to its Facebook fan pages for the promotion of Lil Wayne’s newest album and the selling of ringtones, as opposed to MySpace.

But KatalystHQ was actually designed with the Facebook audience in mind, so distributing it through the social network only makes sense. And leveraging the presence and distributive power of a popular Facebook application is a good way to go for Katalyst Media.

Slide has been working towards building up its media offerings for some time, in hopes of gaining exclusive and quality content for its audience and users. Katalyst Media’s decision to not only use Facebook but to target its audience through a popular application also says a lot about the Facebook’s platform, which readily supports the advertising industry even if Facebook isn’t directly benefiting from sponsorship of certain content.

We’ve gone ahead and embedded the first episode for your viewing pleasure.