Ashton Kutcher Holds Social Media Contest

Ashton Kutcher is hiring a “Vice President of Pop Culture,” where the cleverest, socially-savviest Internet user who makes the best video and gets the most votes from the rest of the ‘net will get $50,000 and a Flip Cam to blog about pop culture.

That’s because Kutcher is apparently the “President of Pop Culture” for chip company Popchips.

The veep’s job will include:

# create entertaining digital content each and every month on topics assigned to you by the president of pop culture himself
# submit a weekly blog post about your adventures and what you believe to be pop culture
# serve as an on-location reporter for at least three top pop culture events like music festivals, award shows and fashion events
# mingle with pop stars and fashionistas, get snapped by the pop-arazzi
# help spread the snack love by sharing popchips digital content

To apply, you need to upload a 90-second video here. Or, for inspiration, watch the promo video starring Kutcher, Guillermo of Jimmy Kimmel fame, Kobe Bryant, and Jillian Michaels.