Artists Collective Declares War on Outdoor Advertising

Targeting payphone kiosks across New York.

This could get interesting. For Week #1, the group Art in Ad Places (AiAP) put up an Adam Wallacavage poster at a payphone kiosk in Williamsburg. For Week #2, the target was another phone kiosk in The Bowery, papered over this time with Kristen Liu-Wong art.


The group plans to continue the weekly campaign through the end of the year. Per their manifesto, AiAP equates the guerrilla effort with public service:

Outdoor advertising is visual pollution.
Outdoor advertising can be psychologically damaging.
Outdoor advertising is pushed on viewers without their consent.
Outdoor advertising marks underutilized venues for other messages.
By replacing advertisements with artwork, Art in Ad Places provides a public service and alternative vision of our public environment.

There is definitely a touch of Banksy at play here. Along with a continuation of the trend Canadian filmmaker Jill Sharpe profiled in her excellent 2002 documentary Culture Jammers.

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