Army Attack Leads This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Games by DAU

Looks like we spoke too soon about Playdom’s Deep Realms possibly gaining ground in daily active users. It falls off this week’s list of fastest-growing games by DAU, as recorded by AppData, to be replaced by Digital Chocolate’s new game, Army Attack.

At number two on the list, we see the Facebook version of mobile social network Foursquare, which sort of a strange addition to a social games list. Technically it is a game because it rewards points and badges to people for “checking in” to locations with their GPS-enabled devices. Its “Facebook game” label, however, is tenuous at best because you don’t really play Foursquare on Facebook so much as use Facebook to get to Foursquare. In any case, the Facebook Foursquare app has had a troubled history and today’s DAU spike seems to be a temporary high in an overall low.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Army Attack248,937+245,206+6,572%
2. 開心水族箱1,607,342+168,033+12%
3. Foursquare245,240+111,306+83%
4. Mynet Çanak Okey650,629+95,480+17%
5. Komşu Çiftlik938,285+79,548+9%
6. Tetris Battle750,200+65,389+10%
7. Happy Hospital473,026+58,282+14%
8. Planet Domo55,843+54,502+4,064%
9. Backyard Monsters1,011,961+53,673+6%
10. Social Empires199,537+52,665+36%
11. Revienta el teclado61,266+51,896+554%
12. Perro Saltarín70,528+50,538+253%
13. Super Billares64,298+49,620+338%
14. แฮปปี้ฟาร์ม ๓156,604+49,159+46%
15. Slotomania – Slot Machines618,049+48,868+9%
16. Bubble Paradise65,764+40,589+161%
17. Trial Madness68,442+40,283+143%
18. Super Crayon80,332+40,030+99%
19. Mahjong Zen63,546+39,410+163%
20. Pool Master76,219+39,185+106%

Be sure to watch this space in the next four to six weeks for an emerging growth race between the rapidly up-and-coming Army Attack and Zynga’s just-released Empires & Allies similar to what we saw in the hidden object genre with Gardens of Time and Mystery Manor. Army Attack and Empires & Allies share a genre and similar gameplay elements, asking players to build up structures that produce military units to send into battle, much like classic real time strategy video games. Unlike classic RTS games, however, both Army Attack and Empires & Allies make use of asynchronous turn-based combat to better suit the Facebook audience. At this time, only Empires & Allies claims a live feature that allows players to attack friends’ armies.

It is unclear whether or not Digital Chocolate and Zynga were aware of each other’s games while in the early development phases. We observe that as more developers from traditional video games arrive in the social games space, many of them eventually try to recreate the genres with which they are most familiar. The RTS and generalized strategy genre is one of the oldest in video games; so it’s not difficult to imagine that two companies staffed with ex-core video game developers could come up with similar social games without external market influence. Doesn’t mean some espionage didn’t happen — we are talking about strategy, after all.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.