Are You Kidding? Ugly People ‘Have Less Value In The Marketplace’?

We ain’t joking, though sorta wish we were, but Kiplinger’s has just published an article by a career coach talking about why it’s better to hire ugly people. Really.

Is this supposed to make us, the non-supermodels of the world, feel better?martynemko.png

Career coach Marty Nemko writes:

All other things being equal, I’d give the nod to an ugly candidate. It’s not charity: They have less value in the marketplace and can be hired less expensively, even though looks have, for most jobs, little or no bearing on job performance. I’ve found that, on average, ugly people are more likely to be kind and to work harder because they know they’re working at a disadvantage. And unattractive people are more likely to stay with me because they tend to have a tough time getting hired, in part because they generally don’t network efficiently. If I treat unattractive employees well, they’re usually very loyal.

In the very next graf, though, he says to “gently nip ‘lookism’ in the bud.”

And what is making assumptions about people’s behavior based on their looks other than lookism?

Nemko posted a picture of himself; he ain’t much of a looker either. But that’s kind of like giving yourself permission to make racist jokes because you have that one black friend…