Are You Following Any of the Most-Followed Magazines on Twitter?

Magazines have been among the most visible brands on Twitter. They’ve embraced it, along with a large portion of the news industry, as part of their branding strategy. Folio has just released a list of the top most-followed magazines on Twitter, and it’s interesting to see which magazines are on top – and which ones still have a ways to go.

On the list of the most-followed magazines on Twitter, eight of them have more than a million followers. This is a pretty exclusive club, and it shows just how successful nimble traditional media outlets can be if they embrace new media the right way. Getting over a million followers is not an easy feat: according to stats from Twitter Counter, there are less than 350 users with more than 1,000,000 followers. And that’s out of 200 million accounts.

Without further ado, here are the top 50 magazines on Twitter, compiled by Folio:

It’s interesting to look at the percentage change since October 2010. The top 10 didn’t increase their following by more than a percent or two, with the notable exception of Wired’s more than 12% growth. But below the top ten, magazines are growing by 10, 20, and even 30 percent in a few short months.

It looks like these magazines know how to produce content both on- and off-line that piques reader’s interests. And kudos to magazines, used to long-form, 1000+ word articles, for learning the ropes of 140-character tweets.