Are You A Young Architect? Do You Need Fame And Money? Is That Even A Question?

Travel-Money.jpgOur bffs over at the Architectural League have just announced a call for entries for the latest Young Architects competition. The theme, appropriately, is “Instability.” You can tell this both because it is explained but also because, on the competition site, the word Instability is very blurry and moves around. This is known as design.

According to the League,

Projects of all types, either theoretical or real, and executed in any medium, are welcome. The jury will select work for presentation in public forums, an online installation, and an exhibition at the Architectural League this spring.

Jury members are Craig Dykers, Craig Konyk, Monica Ponce de Leon, Sarah Sze, and Young Architects Committee members Douglas Gauthier, Naji Moujaes, and Beth Weinstein.

Craig Dykers you will of course all remember from the Freedom Center, which we’re sure he’s working on oh wait maybe not, Sarah Sze did an installation at the Whitney, Douglas Gauthier taught some people we knew, and Beth Weinstein, according to our favorite NYT story ever, went totally nuts and rented studio space on the Lower East Side.

Prize is $1000. Deadline is February 10. Make us proud.