Are Staff Cuts Hurting Weekend TV News?

Have staff cuts decimated the weekend news crews at some stations?

One TV reporter thinks so. Matt Stevens, who blogs at Over 50 TV Talent, says that the Web scooped three local TV stations on a shooting at a frat house where 12 people were injured and one died.

Sixteen hours after the shootings, “sot one of them had any video of the chaotic scene– not even one shot before the sun was up. That means at least four hours went by and not one of the stations had sent a camera to the scene.

“What did they have on their websites? They had a few exteriors shot long after all the cops and witnesses were gone. They had a press conference with the Youngstown police chief. They had the 9-1-1 audio.

“They had no interviews with people who were there, no interviews with people who knew people who were there, no interviews with people who live near there.”

Was the weekend reporter asleep at the scanner? Stevens suggests that with a story of this magnitude, even with no other resources, the news director could have covered the story himself.

Maybe all three local stations decided that a frat house shooting wasn’t worth sending a camera out at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning. Or maybe they didn’t have the resources.