Are Corporate Vlogs the Future of PR? founder and serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis seems to think so, and he presents some interesting numbers to back up his claims.

Calacanis’ corporate vlog, Mahalo Daily, recently passed one million views for March. Certainly, the American Idol-like search for a new host couldn’t have hurt. Since the show’s inception, they’ve had over 4 million viewers. Says Calacanis:

If you were to pay for four million 15 second spots on the web the cost would be $25 for each 1,000 views–or $100,000. That’s about what we’ve spent on the show over the first six months. Additionally, the shows have archival value and will get another 2-4m views over their life I’m sure.

In other words, the Mahalo Daily will pay for itself fairly easily after one year. A $250,000 investment in the Mahalo Daily a year will bring in–if the growth continues–somewhere between 15-30M viewers a year.

Granted, it helps that Calacanis is something of a web superstar, what with his thousands of Twitter followers and blog readers that give him a big leg up on spreading his links. Calacanis calls this “monetized marketing” and predicts that in three years every company will not just blog, but vlog.

Color us skeptics – heck, many are just beginning to figure out blogging, let alone vlogging. Baby steps, people. However, early adopters like Calacanis who present us with these numbers will certainly push things forward. Therefore, it’s not suprising (plug alert) that the agency I work at built a video studio in our San Francisco office this year.

As our CEO Sabrina Horn recently told PR Week, “We have a video studio in our office and it’s not because clients demanded it – it was more like we were shooting videos for so many different things and then all of a sudden, we realized we should just have a video studio. And now we think, “wow this is great – this is where PR is going.”

Other PR related vloggers PRNewser follows include D S Simon Vlog Views and Beet.TV. Who else should we pay attention to?