Are Awards Shows’ Posters Encouraging Unhealthy, Stress-Filled Lives?

We seem to be on something of a labor kick this morning, so why stop now? Over at the HOW and Print affiliated blog, Imprint, there was a bit of a row this week over the perception that’s depicted through design and advertising awards’ marketing materials, all spawned by the Art Directors Club‘s latest Young Guns award posters. Designer and writer August Heffner is upset and bewildered by the regular vision offered by awards shows that “to be the best, you must work long, hard hours” and generally live solely for your office and the project you’ve been assigned, with no time left for idle living. To Heffner, this depiction as gotten more pronounced and pervasive over the years and all it’s doing is perpetuating the idea that design and advertising work must be miserable to be rewarding. Imprint then asked Justin Gignac, committee chairman for the ADC’s Young Guns, to respond. While he understands Heffner’s concerns, he believes that his association’s material tries to capture the dedication these young creatives have for their efforts. “We’re not telling people to work harder,” he says, “we’re celebrating their hard work.” However you respond to either side, both essays are interesting reads and well worth your time, particularly on a late Friday morning, when we doubt you’re doing much work yourself anyway.