Archive of American Television to Receive Evelyn F. Burkey Award from Writers Guild of America, East

The Archive of American Television, created by the Television Academy Foundation in 2009 to host more than 600 comprehensive video interviews with important TV figures from all facets of the industry, will receive the Evelyn F. Burkey Award from the Writers Guild of America, East at the 63rd Annual Writers Guild Awards ceremony Saturday, Feb. 5, at the AXA Equitable Center in New York.

The Evelyn F. Burkey Award “recognizes contributions that have brought honor and dignity to writers everywhere.” It will be presented to Television Academy Foundation executive director Norma Provencio Pichardo and Archive of American Television director Karen L. Herman.

WGA East president Michael Winship said:

The Archive of American Television is the collective memory of those who were present at the creation of the medium and the many giants who, through the decades, have brought to TV their creativity, skill, and imagination. High among them are the great writers of entertainment and news who have been essential to television’s success from the Golden Age right up to the present, so we are pleased to present the Archive with this year’s Burkey Award.

Herman added:

We’re so proud that writers have seen the value of the Archive of American Television’s collection. Everything on TV starts with a writer, and it was a conscious effort on behalf of the Foundation to chronicle their lives and stories and insights. We’re honored that the Guild has chosen to recognize our work.