Architecture: The Video Game


For a bit of fun on this day o’ drink, we aren’t sure how we landed on this, but we found it really interesting once we had. On the site, GamersHell, we ran across a new video game (apparently being created by a company in France) to be released in the near future called “Building & Co: You Are the Architect!” Yep, it’s a game about architecture, which we figure is either just about the greatest thing ever, or possibly the most dull. Because, sure, we all love architecture and what little kid didn’t grow up being in awe of the sheer size of a construction site and the machines used therein. But at the same time, when considering a video game, we’d probably always pass over “do Frank Gehry‘s job” and select instead “destroy alien monsters in the most gruesome way possible.” Though look at things like Will Wright‘s “The Sims” and that upcoming “Spore” that has everyone all giddy — those don’t have very good elevator pitches either. Here are some screenshots and here’s a description from the game’s site:

Building & Co is a revolutionary city builder in which you will deal with all the aspects that come into play during the management of a real building site. You must consider the specifications, the budget, and technical constraints as well as delivery timeframes in order to be able to build numerous ambitious buildings.

In a rich and very detailed 3D environment, you take care of all the construction phases: from hiring workers to choosing materials as well as drawing the foundations and different floors. Building & Co is the first management game to put you in control of a building site and offers a fun, technical approach that will please all fans of the genre.