Architecture Freaks Invade Case Study House


We were already 75% planning on attending the MAK Center Architecture Tour this Sunday in LA because of its superstar lineup: Schindler, Lautner, Wright, Irving Gill, Pierre Koenig’s iconic Case Study #22 house…

But imagine our surprise to find out today there’s another architecture tour this Saturday in LA, the West Hollywood Hills segment of CA Boom’s four-parter. And would you look where they’re going?

You’ll have an opportunity to visit one of Modern Design’s Most Enduring and Inspiring Masterpieces – Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House #22 (1959). This is a very special occasion as the home continues to be a private residence and is lived in by the owner who commissioned it. You’ll have a chance to meet her and several members of the family who grew up there.

The MAK description doesn’t mention anything about the owner being there on Sunday, probably because she’ll be so fed up from coaxing people off the railing as they’re trying to recreate that Julius Shulman shot.