Architecture And Indecision

This morning we received, via our dial-up internets, a call for proposals we’re actually tempted to answer. We kept trying to enter architectural competitions during school, but they kept insisting on all-too-stringent requirements like “should be designed” or “visual acuity a must.” So we were psyched psyched psyched for this latest, just in from the Architectural League (some more full disclosure: when we arrived in the city homeless, unemployed, and only very lightly skilled, the League picked us up, dusted us off, and told us never to answer the call of the blog. Awkward.)

For winter and spring 2006, the League seeks proposals from architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects, artists, academics, filmmakers, inventors, scientists and others–anyone who is passionate and informed about work and ideas that will stimulate, inform, provoke and challenge architects and others about the connections or collisions of ARCHITECTURE AND…  Proposals can explore topics that are technical, theoretical, artistic; that are social, political, aesthetic; that are discipline-defined or trans-disciplinary.  In other words, the field is open.  What’s interesting, what’s better, what’s next?

Proposals should be titled “Architecture and [insert your topic here]”

If anyone’s feeling Architecture and Ashton, we’re looking for a team.