Arby’s Wishes Stewart a ‘Jon Voyage’ With Ad Slots

"Arby's has beef, but not with Jon Stewart."

Arby’s may not agree with Jon Stewart‘s criticism (or his stomach), but that won’t stop them from capitalizing on the publicity the Daily Show host has given them over the years.

Despite consistent mockery from Stewart about the quality of their product, Arby’s holds no grudges [insert beef pun here]. In fact, the fast-food chain reportedly bought two time ad slots to say goodbye to Jon — including a tribute that aired Wednesday night and a 30-second ad for the “Arby’s Last Sandwich” in honor of the host’s departure.

Arby’s has also taken to social media over the past 24 hours, posting on Facebook:

Sometimes Jon’s jokes about us were hard to digest, but we kept watching The Daily Show anyway. #JonVoyage

Posted by Arby’s on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Watch the “Arby’s Last Sandwich” ad below:

And watch the Arby’s tribute from last night, courtesy of Comedy Central.