Apple’s Camera App Adds Instagram-Like Filters to iOS 7

As part of the new iOS7 update, which is coming to iPhones this fall, Apple has updated the Camera app to make it more like Instagram.

The update brings the ability to shoot images in “square” format, as well as the ability to add vintage looking filters to images. The new format is appealing for Instagram users, because it means that you can shoot in the Instagram format without having to crop in on an image. You can jump between normal stills, video, panorama and square by swiping within the app. Like Instagram filters, the new Apple filters let you change the look and contrast of a photo and try them on for size before you hit apply. They work on both normal stills and square stills.

In addition to the new image size and filters, Apple is introducing a new way to organize photos. they have three main categories — collections, moments, and years. You can look at all of the photos and videos from one year at a time and within those years you can break out special collections such as a trip to New York or your wedding.