Apple’s App Store Signs up for Twitter

The Apple App Store created its official Twitter account yesterday, which will bring updates and deals exclusively to Twitter followers. In a move that indicates a growing relationship between Twitter and Apple, the company has expanded its Twitter presence.

The @AppStore Twitter account was set up just about 18 hours ago, and has quickly surged to just under 90,000 followers in that time. As TechCrunch reported a few hours into the account’s existence, it only had 3,000 followers – but that was before it was verified. Since then, the account has received the little blue badge indicating that it is an official account, and its follower count has exploded.

The AppStore account has begun to tag a selection of its posts with the #appstore hashtag. This has yet to become a trending topic, but the account is less than 24 hours old – there’s still time.

In the past 18 hours, the AppStore account has posted a welcome message, as well as advertised for three apps: Nike Training Club, Tiki Towers 2: Monkey Republic, and Whole Foods Market Recipes. We can imagine that the apps which are mentioned on this account will see a large spike in downloads, especially as the account grows.

Within the AppStore bio, users may notice that the account will be bringing them “exclusive deals” – two words which Twitter followers, and any social media user, loves to read. Look forward to deals offered only to AppStore followers in the future.