Apple Warning About iPhone Apps Objectionable to Children Under 17. Hmm


I received the warning you see in the screenshot above when I went through my weekly ritual of updating my iPhone apps. You can see the list of 16 apps updated in my previous blog post.

The question is: Which of the 16 app is Apple’s warning about? You’ve probably read that Apple is slapping this warning on apps that displays web pages. So, I’m guessing that Bloomberg 2.5.0 may be one unlikely NC17 culprit. I’m also guessing that Joost may be on the list since it can display various kinds of video content. And, Stanza (ebook reader) is probably a third (shades of Fahrenheit 451!). Do you see any other likely suspects in the 16 apps I updated over the weekend?

I think Apple should specify which apps is getting their NC17 warning for those of us who update multiple apps simultaneously. Personally, I think all the apps I updated are “G” rated.