Apple to Unveil iOS 6 | Report: Seniors Use Social, Too | LinkedIn Updates Members on Password Debacle

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Apple DevelopersGoogle Outsells, but Apple Cultivates Loyalty of App Developers (The New York Times)
Apple will seek to strengthen its ties to mobile developers with a series of product announcements today, the opening day of its developer conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Calif., an annual ritual where the company tries to stimulate the creative juices of this important constituency. The company is expected to introduce a new version of the iOS operating system that powers iPhones and iPads, according to people familiar with Apple’s plans who were not authorized to speak about them publicly. NBC Los Angeles There have also been reports that a seven-inch iPad tablet will make an appearance at the conference. There has even been some rumbling that Sir Jony Ive will pull the curtain back on his secretive lab and unveil a 46-inch Apple-powered television screen. Those things could happen, but they most likely won’t. ars technica The Macbook Pro is also due for a body and spec update, and there’s a maelstrom of rumors insisting that it will morph into a more svelte form factor. USB 3.0 is a likely addition alongside Thunderbolt. The 15-inch model specifically is rumored to be getting a pixel-doubled 2800 x 1800 display. CNET The Apple TV App Store is on its way, opening up the floodgates for developers to create killer apps for people’s living rooms. The new TV app store will be part of iOS 6, I’m told, which already powers the operating systems of the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch. With a TV app store, the technology titan is laying the groundwork for the fabled Apple television set. Computerworld Fueled by the increasing popularity of the iPhone, the iPad and Apple’s laptop line-up, WWDC has become a hot ticket. Every year, the limited-capacity event fills even faster. Two years ago, it sold out in eight days. Last year, it sold out within 12 hours and scalpers pushed ticket prices to $4,600. This year, WWDC tickets were gone in two hours.

LinkedIn Posts Update on Password Leaks (CNET)
LinkedIn has posted an update on what it’s doing to protect its members following the appearance, last week, of millions of member passwords online. “First,” the post says, “it’s important to know that compromised passwords were not published with corresponding e-mail logins … ” The Wall Street Journal LinkedIn’s loss of 6.5 million passwords is bad enough, but the fact they were easily deciphered shows a stunning lack of care for software security, and should serve notice to business customers of cloud-based services that they shouldn’t assume vendors are “doing it right,” said noted software expert Gary McGraw. Reuters Some cyber security experts say LinkedIn did not have adequate protections in place, and warn that the company could uncover further data-losses over coming days as it tries to figure out what happened. LinkedIn has hired outside forensics experts to assist as company engineers.

Hello, Grandma! Study Shows 53 Percent of Senior Citizens Are Online (SocialTimes)
A new study from Pew Research shows that 53 percent of adults age 65 and older have ventured online, sent emails and even explored social media sites. One in three use social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Mashable Twitter ran on Sunday its first-ever TV spot during the broadcast of the 2012 Pocono 400 NASCAR race. The 16-second clip features NASCAR racer Brad Keselowski seated in his car and taking a picture of the scene with his iPhone. Keselowski, who came in 24th place during the race, is taking advantage of the iPhone’s capability to upload pictures directly to Twitter.

Is Ur #MD 2 Square? Some Use Tech, Social Media With Patients (AP)
A new breed of physicians is texting health messages to patients, tracking disease trends on Twitter, identifying medical problems on Facebook pages and communicating with patients through email. So far, those numbers are small.

Facebook Adds Instant Personalization, Public Search Preview to Security Settings (AllFacebook)
Continuing its efforts to educate its users about its privacy and security settings, some users who click on privacy settings in the pull-down menu that appears in the top-right-hand corner of every Facebook page are seeing another page labeled “where to find,” which highlights changes to the social network’s security settings. Two new sections were highlighted: instant personalization and public search.

Police: Street Gangs Embrace Social Media, Too (The Wichita Eagle)
Police said gang members have fully embraced social media. They’re posting pictures of social events, adding friends, commenting on posts “just like everyone else,” said Detective Chad Beard of the Wichita Police Department’s gang and felony assault unit.

Twitter Quietly Rolls Out Richer Facebook Integration (AllTwitter)
Twitter has improved how tweets appear on Facebook for those users who have connected the two networks. The update included improved appearances for usernames, hashtags and photos when someone posts a tweet to Facebook, as well as support for posting tweets to business pages. But you can’t blame technology and your boss for everything — your iPhone isn’t forcing you to check Twitter.

We Don’t Know How to Take Vacations Anymore (VentureBeat)
Tourists are increasingly connecting to the Internet while on vacation, according to a recent study from Michigan State University. But you can’t blame technology and your boss for everything — your iPhone isn’t forcing you to check Twitter.

10 Inspiring Nonprofits on Instagram (Mashable)
Instagram has gained a big increase in popularity and exposure over the past few months, with the development of the Android app and, of course, Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of the company. You’re likely finding more of your friends and colleagues using Instagram, but you might not have explored another corner of the photo-sharing app: nonprofits looking to expand their social reach.