Apple to Launch Something Tomorrow (Probably an iPod)


The blogosphere and MSM are abuzz with speculation as to exactly what kind of iPod Apple will introduce tomorrow. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that we’re getting some kind of music-related update, given the Let’s Rock mailing that every tech journalist on the planet received last week. The running theory is that we’ll see a new iPod Nano that looks suspiciously like the longer, thinner 2G nano as opposed to the short, squished 3G nano that’s currently on sale.

Fortune has a piece on whether or not Steve Jobs can save the iPod; the running theory is that now that they sell a cell phone that plays the same music files, people have less of a reason to buy a standalone music player. But rest assured—long as the Jesus Phone 3G is available on just one carrier, there will be plenty of room in the market for new iPods. At any rate, stay tuned for tomorrow’s news…