Apple To Launch Self-Publishing Platform?

Rumors have been circulating today that Apple is planning to host a press conference sometime this month to announce some kind of new software that may or may not be related to publishing.

Now Good eReader is reporting that Apple has plans to launch a self-publishing platform for iBooks, a platform that would compete with Barnes & Noble’s PubIt platform and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. This is big news, since now, self-published authors have to go through Smashwords to get their work into iBooks.

Here is more from Good eReader: “Apple will be taking a cue from the new Amazon program that gives indie authors an incentive to publish exclusively with them. There is no details yet on the actual semantics of the program and how it will work. One has to wonder on the revenue share system they will employ to be competitive with other mainstream self-publishing systems. The one thing we were told is that they will use the EPUB format and make it very easy for people to convert their documents or existing books to comply with their format.”