Apple Rumored To Release “Garage Band” Of eBooks

Apple is hosting a press conference in New York this week and rumors have been surging since even before they officially announced the event.

We’ve heard that they are going to announce a self-publishing platform. We’ve also heard that they are going to get into digital textbooks. And now we’re hearing that Apple is going to come up with a tool that would do for eBooks what Garage Band does for digital music files.

Wired has more: “…authoring standards-compliant e-books (despite some promises to the contrary) is not as simple as running a Word document of a manuscript through a filter. The current state of software tools continues to frustrate authors and publishers alike, with several authors telling Ars that they wish Apple or some other vendor would make a simple app that makes the process as easy as creating a song in GarageBand.Our sources say Apple will announce such a tool on Thursday.”