Apple Press Conference Twitter Response

twitterlogo2323.jpgWhile Steve Jobs got all lovely dovey about customers in today’s press conference, he had some pretty harsh words for the press. He didn’t go all Carol Bartz on the media in the room, but he did question the media.

GDTG quoted Apple CEO Jobs in a live blog feed: “Sometimes I feel that in search of eyeballs for these web sites, people don’t care about what they leave in their wake. I look at this and think wow. Apple has been around 30 years. Haven’t we earned the credibility and trust that we’re going to take care of our users?” Um yes, but would you have just come out and said something, if the press were not engaging consumers in a discussion?

Twitterers had their own thoughts.

tweeted: “Jobs: ‘haven’t we earned the credibility and the trust of the press?’ <- F*** NO! Book censorship is why, bitches!"

Here is our roundup of Apple’s censorship in eBooks. Still some Twitterers felt good about the end result of the press conference.

@Pablod agreed that the press is blowing this out of proportion. He wrote: “Steve, it’s not the Press’ job to ‘help you’; the Press, stop blowing sh*t out of proportion to get eyeballs. There, can we all go home now?”

@zeldman tweeted: “Bumper schmumper. Installing iOS 4.01 update restored my iPhone 3G to full peppy awesome perfect performance. Yes, iPhone 3G.”