Apple Launches the Mac App Store

Software developers got a new way to reach customers with the launch of Apple’s new app store for the Mac Thursday as part of a software update.

Based on the success of the computing giant’s app store for iOS, the Mac app store gives customers an easy way to discover and spend money on new Mac software. On the day of launch, one of the top sellers was the game Angry Birds from Rovio, a European mobile game developer that launched in 2003.

Like the iOS app store, a user’s iTunes account stores their credit card information so they can purchase items with a single click. Also like the iOS app store, the Mac app store comes with tight controls over what is and isn’t allowed. Apple also takes a 30% cut of all sales.

Apple isn’t the first to dive into the “app” store model. Steam from Valve, and Direct2Drive, which is under the News Corp. umbrella have been distributing games over the Internet for years.