App Updates, New Releases May Be Delayed or Unavailable During Christmas Week, Apple Warns

Developers planning seasonal releases or updates better have them ready to go by mid-December or so. Apple is telling developers that iTunes Connect will be shut down from December 22 to December 29.

During that time, developers won’t be able to deliver updates or access iTunes Connect, according to an e-mail Apple sent iOS developers today. On top of that, releases of brand-new apps will probably be delayed and so will pricing changes. So developers planning post-Christmas sales would do better to wait until after the 29th for the new year.

“We strongly recommend that you do not schedule pricing changes through the interval pricing system in iTunes Connect that would take effect from December 22 through December 29,” Apple told developers in an e-mail. “We also recommend that you do not schedule any apps to go live during the shutdown.”

If developers do plan pricing changes during Christmas week, their apps might become unavailable for purchase.

Apple did this last year and the year before, so this is a typical holiday break.