Apple: iOS 9.3 to Include Night Shift, More

iOS 9.3 includes updates to apps like Notes and News, as well as Night Shift, which will make using devices at night easier on the eyes.

Apple has released a preview of iOS 9.3, which is now available in beta. The update features improvements for apps like Notes and News, as examples, and also introduces a feature called Night Shift, which designed to help consumers who use their devices at night.

Night Shift will use the iOS device’s clock and geolocation to determine when the sun sets in a user’s location, and will shift the colors in the device’s display, making the screen ‘warmer’ and easier on the eyes at night. In the morning, the colors will reset to their regular settings.

Elsewhere, iOS 9.3 includes an update to the Notes app, which allows users to lock notes behind their Touch ID or password. Users can also sort notes alphabetically, or based on the date they were created or last modified.

In addition, an update for the News app provides users with more personalized stories, while the For You section of the app also suggests trending topics and Editors’ Picks. Over in the Health app, users can open a slider menu in categories like ‘weight’ and ‘workouts,’ as examples, to find third-party apps they can add to their Health Dashboard.

Finally, iOS 9.3 includes features for improving the use of iPads in schools. This includes a Shared iPad feature, which allows multiple students to use the same iPad and keep their personal content separate, as well as a Classroom app, which teachers can use to launch every student’s apps at the same time, and then guide what students are viewing on their devices.

Readers: Are you excited about any of the new features in iOS 9.3?

Image courtesy of Apple.

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