Apple Faces New Antitrust Allegations

This one slipped under the tech industry’s radar last week. According to MediaPost, Apple is now facing another antitrust lawsuit accusing it of unfairly tying its iPod portable music player to its iTunes digital entertainment store.

The complaint alleges that Apple has linked its iPod to the iTunes music store in two different ways: “First, according to the complaint, the iPod is not compatible with much of the music sold at other online stores because it doesn’t support tracks encoded with Windows digital rights management software, aimed at preventing piracy. Second, the music purchased at iTunes is inoperable on rivals’ portable music players, because iTunes uses its own digital rights management software that is generally incompatible with other companies’ portable players.”

Given that the four major labels have all agreed to lift DRM restrictions, at least with Apple’s rival Amazon if not with Apple itself, there’s a good chance this lawsuit will go nowhere in court.

Antitrust Suit Filed Against Apple [MediaPost]