Apple, CBS Sued over Mighty Mouse Moniker

Mighty_Mouse_Amazon.jpgSpeaking of Apple, this isn’t exactly mobile media related, but hey, it’s Friday, and we love frivolous lawsuits. According to Macworld, Man and Machine (M&M) has filed a lawsuit against Apple and CBS for their use of the term “Mighty Mouse”—Apple uses the name to describe its current Macintosh computer mouse, while CBS uses it for a cartoon character.

“Filed in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, Southern Division, M&M says both Apple and CBS are infringing on its Mighty Mouse trademark,” the article said. “CBS and M&M are currently battling over the trademark, but Apple was brought into the fight because it licensed use of the term from CBS.”

According to the report, M&M is a company that makes waterproof computer accessories for hospitals. Back in 2001, it created a waterproof mouse called the Mighty Mouse, which it began selling in 2004—one year before Apple released its own Mighty Mouse.

Meanwhile, CBS already has a legitimate trademark for the use of Mighty Mouse for its cartoon and clothing products, the article said. “However, CBS has applied for a trademark for the term as it relates to a computer mouse. The application date is later than its own application, according to M&M.”

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