Appboy Launches Multivariate Testing for Improved App Messaging Engagement

multivariate appboy 650

Appboy, which specializes in marketing automation for apps, has announced its new Multivariate Testing service, which allows app marketers to test six variants of messages to measure the impact on a variety of metrics, including conversion rates, click-through rates and revenue generated from campaigns. Marketers can change the images and colors of messages, as well as the text in headlines and the body.

According to Appboy, two versions of a push notification, which advertise the same offer, may have a 50 percent difference in response rate. This offers true incentive for marketers to figure out which ones work, and fast.

These test messages can be presented through multiple channels, including emails to users, in-app messaging and push notifications. When used in combination with Appboy’s user segmentation services, the company says marketers can discover and implement the best combination of messages to receive the best results, based on that real-world testing.

“Marketing is always a balance between the perfect incentive, content and design,” says Bill Magnuson, CTO and co-founder at Appboy. “Finding that balance is impossible without testing, given that response rates for different versions of a message for the same offer could vary significantly. Multivariate Testing takes the guesswork out and allows marketers to measure the impact on specific metrics like conversion rate, click-through rate and revenue generated.”

Multivariate Testing is currently available to a limited group of Appboy clients, but will see a wider release in the coming weeks.

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