Appboy Launches Install Attribution Technology to Improve Mobile Marketing

Appboy Install AttributionAppboy, which focuses on marketing automation for apps, has announced the launch of its install attribution feature, which helps marketers identify the steps a user has taken before downloading an app. When this new technology is used alongside Appboy’s existing user segmentation tools (and other products), companies can specifically target users based on their app install sources, and therefore communicate with them as effectively as possible going forward.

Appboy works with app tracking platforms including Adjust, AppsFlyer and Tune, in order to help track individual entry origins. Attribution data is included in each user’s profile, along with any categorized interests and in-app behaviors. Combining all of these data points, marketers can create advertising campaigns that encourage higher user engagement, work to convert non-paying users into paying users, increase consumer loyalty, and more.

“Recognizing the journey the user took prior to downloading the app can help marketers understand how to best engage the user,” says Bill Magnuson, CTO and co-founder at Appboy, in a statement. “While traditional services may provide data and analytics on user entry points, Appboy’s install attribution provides actionable results that directly feed into campaigns.”

This install attribution feature joins existing Appboy technologies, including Multivariate Testing, which allows marketers to test up to six variations of a single message to measure their impact, and Intelligent Delivery, which aims to maximize message engagement on a per-user level, based on data from a user’s previous interactions with messages.

More information on the overall Appboy platform is available here.

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