Appboy launches Campaign Retargeting for individualized mobile re-engagement


Appboy, which focuses on marketing automation for apps, has announced its latest advancement for mobile apps, Campaign Retargeting. Using the tool, Appboy’s clients can retarget users with marketing campaigns using a wide variety of paramaters, instead of relying on one-off campaigns to engage all users at once.

The Campaign Retargeting feature allows marketers to target users down to the individual consumer, analyzing their user behavior via “highly sophisticated data,” and using that data to re-engage them in the future. For instance, users can be split into groups based on previous actions with marketing campaigns, such as whether they’ve interacted with a push notification or tapped on an in-app message.

These factors can be combined for fine-tuned targeting. That is, users can be targeted if they’ve completed “action X” but not “action Y,” or targeted only if they haven’t completed either, as examples. In doing so, marketers can target their next message to those specific users to encourage particular actions in a personalized “conversation” of sorts.

“With our Campaign Retargeting feature, we’re bringing the power of established marketing automation to mobile,” says Bill Magnuson, Co-Founder and CTO of Appboy. “Reengagement is easier than ever before now that clients can respond accordingly to each user’s interaction with a campaign. Sending out a standalone push notification or email is no longer the end of the story.”

All Appboy campaigns from March 1, 2014 and on can implement Campaign Retargeting. Elsewhere, the company recently launched influenced push notification stats, giving developers a better sense of how users interact with push notifications, and an “onboarding” wizard for helping developers integrate the Appboy product in less time.

More information is available on the company’s website.