Apparently We’re Not The Only Shark In Town


It’s occurred to us in our trolls through the interwebs that there are, indeed, other blogs out there. Even, it seems, other blogs about design. And shocked as we initially were, we’re catching onto the idea. After all, shouldn’t there be enough chum to go around? Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical, and we hate to think of the truth. Still, we were glad to be informed that BusinessWeek, which is obviously a very serious publication, has just launched its (their?) own design blog, written by their, and we quote, “design guru,” Bruce Nussbaum. We read what he’s up to so far, and we’re kinda feeling it. At least as wordy as we are, at the same time possible even more articulate and, to turn our gimlet eye on ourselves, far less obtuse. Nice.