Apparently There Are Some Other Things Going On In Austin, Too


To stay in touch with our Hollywood roots, and because one cannot exist on steady diet of design, margs and blogs alone, we ventured outside our own circle of dorks to interact with the dorks of other industries.

First stop, the “Darkon” party, where D&D masters crossed swords and a guy played the film’s score on his electric violin. Then we caught the star-studded film by former “Seinfeld” producers, “Live Free or Die,” at the Alamo Theater (where you can drink beer, do videoke (karaoke with movies) and purchase a Sparkle Motion t-shirt).

Last night was somewhat of a transformative experience, however, when we were blessed with “Punk Like Me.” This warped punkumentary of the Warped Tour is–we hate to say this because it will turn punk fans off, but seriously, you’ll love it–truly touching. Features the Vandals, Bad Religion, Sum 41, Buckcherry and Carne Asada. What the hell is Carne Asada?