App Store Untethers, Retethers Tethering App

iPhone app store801.JPGFor a couple hours on Thursday, visitors to Apple’s App Store could spend $10 and buy NetShare, an application that “tethers” a notebook to an iPhone’s wireless data connection. With this connection, the iPhone essentially becomes a portable hotspot for connecting the computer to the Internet.

Then, just a short while after it was posted, the application disappeared from the site.

Computerworld reports that Nullriver, the Canadian company behind NetShare, was surprised to find the software removed and posted a notice on its Web site saying that it didn’t violate the terms of Apple’s developer or App Store agreements.

The article points out, however, that AT&T “does not officially allow tethering for Apple’s device,” so we have to wonder.

After NetShare was gone from the shop for much of Friday, iLounge is reporting that the application has reappeared. Still, no one has a clue about why it was taken down or if it’s back up on the App Store for good – and Apple isn’t talking.