App Gets Far Too Much Press Coverage for Saying ‘Yo’


Yo, we’ve never been able to resist a passing bandwagon, so we’ll mention the app that everyone’s covering today.

What does it do? It allows users to set up accounts and send a single-word message to fellow users: “Yo.

It’s like an independent version of Facebook’s super-creepy Poke–and it has led to some serious queries among the journalistic community this afternoon…


That’s a lot of mentions, even though quite a few of them debate whether the “success” of Yo is definitive proof that we’ve entered another digital bubble. It all came about thanks to this guy, who called it stupid but addictive:


And it even inspired King Blogsplainer Matt Yglesias to write a listicle answering the questions you were too embarrassed to ask.

It launched on April Fools’ Day but it’s not a joke–and neither is the completely insane “guess which app will blow up next” game played by whoever gave this company a million bucks.

The app’s inventor claims that he will never develop additional features like, say, the ability to send a “‘sup”, but ThinkProgress of all places lets us know what it’s all about via Mr. Scoble’s link:

“Arbel is working on developing an API that will allow him to ‘partner with brands.’ In our Yo-enhanced future you would get Yos from ‘things that interest you.’ When the Gap has a sale, for example, it would send you a Yo.”

Ah, OK. We get it. #PRWin, mockery is good publicity, etc. Honestly, though: this app requires one tap while texting “yo” to your friend requires three. Maybe we should redefine the word “efficiency…”