AOL Radio for iPhone Deemed the Best

AOLRadio for iPhone.jpgAOL is singing the iPhone’s praises these days. Its new AOL Radio for iPhone, which gives iPhone users free, ad-supported access to some 350 online radio stations, was named the Best Entertainment Application at last week’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.

Built using the iPhone SDK beta version, AOL Radio for iPhone uses the iPhone Core Location framework to pinpoint the listener’s location and automatically display the local CBS Radio stations for that area. It also automatically switches to provide low-bandwidth streams when the user is connected through a lower-speed cellular network as opposed to a higher-speed Wi-Fi network.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by Apple for the work that has gone into AOL Radio for the iPhone,” AOL executive VP Kevin Conroy said about the award. “The APIs available in the iPhone SDK provided us with all the tools necessary to quickly create a terrific version of AOL Radio for the iPhone OS and we’re looking forward to adding streaming radio to the many great experiences available to iPhone users.”

AOL Radio for iPhone will be available for download from the iPhone App Store once it launches.