AOL Is Hiring

aol_logo.jpgAlong with new management comes new opportunities. This may prove especially true for AOL. TheWrap is reporting that not only did AOL just hire a new CEO, they’ve also just brought on three highly respected political journalists to develop and launch an AOL political blog.

Melinda Henneberger, the site’s top editor, has been covering news and politics for such traditional media outlets as the New York Times, Newsweek and Slate. “AOL is investing in a big way in news and in old school journalism,” Henneberger told TheWrap. AOL is setting out to create “quality news sites that have zero aggregation, original content, that pay writers a living wage.”

Exciting news for all those traditional reporters who are seeking work right now. AOL is not oblivious to this opportunity. Editors confessed, with all of the layoffs in the industry, finding genuine journalism talent for their new online news site has been, “almost an embarrassment of riches.”

Even mediabistro’s job board has an opening for a blogger at AOL. Could the reinvention of AOL offer a lifeboat in this sea of floundering publications? If you hear of more openings, please drop us a comment.