Checking In With AOL’s Relaunched ‘City’s Best’ Brand

It’s been close to a month now since AOL relaunched its “City’s Best” brand in 25 cities across the country, including Los Angeles. So we thought we’d drop by and see how the SoCal end of the revival is doing at the hands of Michael Berick, Katie Bain and co.

An unbylined Daylight Savings weekend time change related news piece posted today is a bit of a stretch. It’s really just an excuse to cross-link to a whole bunch of other website elements, which can be enjoyed over the “extra hour.”

Much more intriguing is a list of ten choices vying, by a deadline of November 30th, for the title of “Best Romantic Restaurant.” Kudos first of all to City’s Best for including a Long Beach address in the mix, but our vote still goes to The Little Door. The crowd alone is an aphrodisiac.

Meanwhile, we have to admit that we’d never heard before of Sam’s Hofbrau (pictured), one of the ten “Best Strip Clubs” nominees. But under the tab ‘Access Details,’ it is noted that “the side entrance has no step.” Good to know perhaps for those wheelchair-bound patrons planning on making a hasty, discrete exit.