Anthony Bourdain Follows Website Investment with Content Curation

Celebrity chef is now an editor-at-large for Roads & Kingdoms.

The evocatively named digital journal Roads & Kingdoms was started in 2012 by Nathan Thornburgh, a former Time magazine editor, and author Matt Goulding. Three years later, the pair has added an impressive subject matter expert to the fold.

From an AP report by J.M. Hirsch:

“I became aware of the site pretty early on and was blown away by what I saw,” Anthony Bourdain said during a recent telephone interview. “This is smart, deeply immersive long-form stuff. Beautiful photographs. It’s not listicles. It’s not top 10s. It’s not click-bait. It assumes a smart reader. It’s a personal essay with a point of view about interesting and sometimes arcane aspects of faraway places. And I just really admire that.”

As editor, Bourdain will oversee a new series for the site, “Dispatched,” which will feature deep looks at food and culture around the world. He also hopes to help the site expand into video storytelling. He also is publishing books with the Roads & Kingdoms team under his imprint with HarperCollins.

The debut “Dispatched” column, by Thornburgh, is straight out of the Peruvian Amazon jungle:

There isn’t much magic left in the world today, which might explain the widening appeal of ayahuasca – the plant has made Joe Rogan’s “Scholar List” and apparently changed Sting’s life and saved Lindsay Lohan. But not everyone can come to the Amazon. Some believers think the solution is to bring the plant, and the ceremony, to the rest of the world. Carlos Tanner’s Ayahuasca Foundation, in conjunction with a Shipibo medicine man named Don Enrique, is training curanderos from all over the world how to lead ceremonies back home.