Another Kind of Mobile TV Launches

We’re trying to stay as acronym-free as possible here on Mobile Media News. So without going into too many details, “MPHT” stands for Mobile Pedestrian Handheld Technology. It’s a new method to deliver regular TV (not mobile TV) signals to mobile devices.

But how is this different than mobile TV? It enables local news and TV stations to deliver the same broadcasts simultaneously to land-based televisions and to mobile devices. This way you could pick up local news from your car or a battery operated television — though apparently not to cellphones.

According to RCR Wireless News, John Taylor, vice president of public affairs at LG Electronics Co. Ltd., said the new technology is “totally unrelated to anything cellphone” and is “not a mobile phone cellular solution.”

Look for the first systems to appear next year. We don’t know about you, but we’re not planning on watching television while driving down the highway at 60 mph.

Besides, mobile TV for cellphones already provides some local news — what good is a weather report for Arizona if you’re in New York, after all — so consider this yet another kind of mobile media to keep track of.

Another mobile TV acronym: MPHT [RCR Wireless]