Another Hate Note for the Washington Examiner

Another weekend. Another media type gets assaulted by the Washington Examiner. The scars may not be visible, but inside is what counts.

Tyrone Gayle, a communications associate for Media Matters, writes on Twitter: “Dear Washington Examiner, please stop dropping off your poor excuse for a publication on my doorstep. Nobody likes you. Sincerely, All of DC”

Is Gayle a newspaper bully? If so, he’s not alone. Like NYT Magazine political writer Matt Bai, Gayle received the paper at his home despite never subscribing to the publication.While Bai’s steam of hate has had a chance to build from years of getting the paper against his will, Gayle’s mere days of receiving the publication has left him acutely aggravated.

“I live in Columbia Heights, and have gotten it two days too many now,” Gayle told FishbowlDC. “I leave it on my porch, hoping the delivery guy will get the message.”