Another Bad Week for The Times


The past few weeks have not been rosy for The New York Times. On September 26th the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to condemn the ad that ran in their pages. Three days before that embarrassing — and bipartisan — House Resolution, the Times’ own Ombudsman had said that the ad violated the paper’s written standards.

On the same day as the House vote — Wednesday — the Times experienced a phone and network failure for three hours. From Thomas Claburn of InformationWeek:

”According to the memo seen by InformationWeek, the backup server management software failed, leaving redundant systems waiting for word to step in and save the network.

”The Times’ IT staff and executives from Nortel, the media company’s equipment provider, managed to restore the newspaper’s systems in New York by 7:30 p.m. in time to publish its Thursday morning edition.”

Yesterday The New York Times was back to publishing on its regular schedule.

(image via clipart)