AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

A reader with a serious bias toward the hateful Twitter handle “TERKELRAGE” sent in this list of nominations, causing my co-editor to ask, “What the hell is this?”

TERKELRAGE is the alter-ego of HuffPost‘s Amanda Terkel, who is actually not all that full of rage when you meet her.

Here’s to you AnonymASS.

1. Biggest Self-Promoter @TERKELRAGE
2. Most Underrated @URKELAGE
3. Best Capitol Hill Press Secretary NULL
4. Most Likely to Feud on Twitter @PLERKELPLAGE
5. Best Sense of Humor (or Wittiest) @CHEREKELCHAGE
6. Most Trusted @MERKELMAGE
7. Best On-air Personality @STERKELSTAGE
8. Most Cutthroat @GLERKELGLAGE
9. Biggest Drama King/Queen @PFLERKELPFLAGE
10. Most Likely to Attend an Open Bar @GRRRERKELGRRRRAGE
11. Sexiest @LERKELLAGE
12. Most Scandalous @ZERKELZAGE