AnonymASS Tipster of the Week #1

Our first AnonymASS Tipster of the week writes in today to complain about our coverage of ex-FNC anchor Laurie Dhue’s public admission of alcoholism in Washington D.C. last week at a prayer dinner loaded with reporters, and this morning on NBC’s The Today Show. We had more coverage this morning in a post called “Morning Dhue.”

The reader writes: “Gross and shameless – How sad to profit from someone’s difficulties  – disgusting and typical of today.”

Note to AnonymASS: You may want to actually attach your brain to your head before you write in. Dhue made the admission before a large room of dinner attendees. She announced  that she was revealing her news publicly for the first time. Not once was anyone at the dinner told that the dinner and speakers were off the record. Not once did Dhue declare her news off the record. Nor was it off record this morning when she accepted an invitation to appear on “The Today Show.” She has also opened her Facebook page to discuss the subject further. Maybe, AnonymASS, she wants to help people. Ever think of that?

Update #1: AnonymASS Tipster writes back, saying, I live in California and have immense respect for people’s private lives. I’m sad that Laurie Dhue put herself out there with very personal info at a Prayer Dinner and it was exploited with such careless disregard.

Another note to AnonymASS: Perhaps you should stop reading blogs and newspapers and turn your TV off. Sometimes, believe it or not, the person doesn’t see it as exploitation and maybe even, I know this is hard to imagine, wants the news out there.