Anna Wintour on the Fallacy of Media Nicknames

Vogue editor in chief chats with London Telegraph's Stella magazine.

The editor in chief of Vogue has been doing a fair amount of interviews lately. This weekend, a conversation with Wintour graces the pages of Stella magazine, the London Telegraph Sunday insert.

Reporter Patrick Sawyer has shared a few snippets from the interview, and the one that caught our attention comes at the very end of his report:

London-born Ms. Wintour, who began work at the age of 15 at the Biba fashion boutique, in Kensington, before becoming an editorial assistant at Harper’s & Queen magazine and moving to New York in 1975, is dismissive of her less than flattering image as a ruthlessly controlling figure…

She says that her father Charles, former editor of the London Evening Standard, had a similarly frosty reputation.

“He was a brilliant editor, he cared passionately about his work. I think, because he worked quickly and was decisive and he was sure about what he wanted, he got a nickname. Chilly Charlie,” said Ms Wintour. “He was the least chilly person that I or that anyone at home knew, but it stuck.”

The Telegraph has also shared, in support of the Stella feature, “Ten Quotes That Prove Anna Wintour is a Born Boss.” And below, in case you missed, some separate May Seth Meyers-Anna funny business.

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