Anna David’s Party for Party Girl–Quite a Party, Quite a Girl


Journo/novelist Anna David signed her book, Party Girl, at Book Soup, and her friends and fans turned out in herds.


She writes:

The experience was quite surreal–from seeing my name on the marquee outside to having people wait in line for over an hour to have me sign books–and over way too fast. The whole night, friends were grabbing me and saying, “This is so amazing! How do you feel?” but I was just completely overwhelmed so I basically stammered incomprehensibly. By sometime the next afternoon, my anxiety had finally quelled and I could relish in how incredible the entire evening was. I was just about eight hours later than everyone else.


Part of the mob were novelists Jennifer Belle, Rachel Resnick, and Samantha Dunn.

Screenwriters Cindy Chupack, Bennett Yellin, Kennedy who’s hosting Reality Remix on FOX these days, Mickey Kaus, who must never go home, LAT’s Richard Rushfield and Nicole La Porte (they’re married, too.)


Anna’s fan base was there in full force: Mike De Luca, Us Weekly’s John Griffiths and Melanie Bromley, Pauline O’Connor who’s writing for the NY Times, and editor Maureen O’Neal who snatched up David’s book whilst at Regan books.

David recalled:

Oh and people kept telling me that Andrew Dice Clay was there (I’m completely serious) but I was too busy signing to see him.

Since the book is all about sobriety, nothing unseemly happened, sad to say. Cupcakes were served at the after-party, and while we adore Anna, sprinkles aren’t likely to send anyone careening down Sunset Blvd.