Ann Coulter Sicks Confused Sarah Palin Fans on the Wrong Michael Gross

When Rogue’s Gallery came out last year, its writer, Michael Gross, caught a lot of heat from the Metropolitan Museum of Art for airing all their dirty laundry in the excellent read. While the museum’s higher-ups and benefactors were sometimes merciless in trying to get the book shut down before its publication and then trying to discredit its pages after it came out, through a case of mistaken identity, Gross has since learned that the Met’s anger barely registers when compared to that of Sarah Palin‘s fan base. The story goes: media personality Ann Coulter read an article about Palin in Vanity Fair and, as has become her staple, lashed out at its author, Michael Joseph Gross. Only thing was, she didn’t include his middle name, so when those in the middle of a venn diagram consisting of “rabid Palin/Coulter defenders” and “people who don’t know how to use the internet” hunted down Michael Gross, they landed on the wrong one, sending him a big batch of angry, often misspelled and barely coherent bile and some down-home antisemitism thrown in for good measure. At first, Gross posted a quick entry on his blog saying that he wasn’t the writer they were after. Then, after his inbox was apparently flooded with these messages, he put up the great, “An Open Letter to Ann Coulter,” in which he included some of the kind words her readers had sent him. All the worse, a week later and Coulter still hasn’t updated her original post.