Animators Fight Urban Sprawl, LES And Brooklyn Hipsters On YouTube

The time for animated cartoons to mock the hipsters has arrived. Predators of the Sprawl, created by art collective The Nursery, takes aim at the coolest kids in the city, their silly fashion sense, and their neverending invasion of nabes such as West Bushwick.

Episode 4 hits the Web today, and animator and writer Jacob Reinstein says he and his team of hipster-fighting comrades created the production as “an exaggerated social commentary on how people become totally consumed with the trend of the moment.”

Or, if you prefer:

The story takes place deep within the sprawling urban jungles where ancient creatures of style dwell. These voracious trend stalkers and monsters of pop-culture lord over their block-to-block kingdoms with the freshest gear from around the globe. Luring in weak-minded posers, each Predator, whether it is Ape of Street Fashion, Fish of Hip Hop, or Squid of Soul Sisters, must feed to evolve and evolve to survive. And in this jungle, it’s survival of the hippest.

Well, that sounds terrifying, sort of like a typical Thursday night in Billyburg.